The Putty Road – 14th August 2016

Just a day trip today, and it was the perfect day for biking, a fresh start with a promised high of 18 degrees, clear blue skies and not a drop of rain to be seen or forecast. We set off around 9.30am, stopping briefly in Windsor to make sure our petrol tanks were topped right up and then crossed the river to join the Putty Road.

For motorbike riders, this road is just perfect, no stupid 60kph speed limits here, just the standard out of city limits of 80kph and 100kph (old Pac Highway, I’m looking at you), plenty of places to overtake the occasional car and lots of straights to test whether the throttle works properly (it does!). An endless series of sweeping bends saw an awesome hour before stopping at the Grey Gum cafe for a break. The road was smooth and dry so Rita hugged those curves as she was designed to do.

The Grey Gum cafe is ideally placed about half way between Windsor and Singleton meaning that it’s almost a mandatory stop for the continuing stream of motorbikers out for a Sunday ride. The collection of bikes was ranging from small learner bikes to big Harley’s. From the fully kitted out ‘head to toe Ducati leathers, boots and helmet riding my Panigale’ boys to the ‘fundraising for breast cancer’ Newcastle riding group to the guy taking his ten year old daughter out for a ride (good in you, Dad). No scooters though, scooters don’t belong out here.

Onwards north, towards Singleton, we reach a section of high cliff and tight bends. I find this fun and challenging at the same time, fun cos bends and I get to practice my cornering skills, challenging because keeping the body low and tight during 30 mins of continuous 25-55kph turns leaves me a little stiff.

We turned around at Bulga, the Putty Road isn’t particularly exciting after Bulga and it’s a great place for a ‘comfort’ break and a good stretch.

And then we did the whole thing in reverse, tight bends with high cliffs and beautiful sweeping bends surrounded by low valleys and trees. By the time we passed Grey Gum Cafe it was deplete of motorbikes, being 2.45pm and at least 2 hours from major civilisation meant that most of our fellow Sunday motorbikers were enjoying the remaining few hours of the day and thinking about heading home.

I think my favourite part of this road is a section of bends heading up onto the ridge a bit past Colo Heights when the road crosses over the Colo River; it’s a chance to open the throttle and dig into the corners whilst ascending the ridge. I’ve often noticed other motorbikes hanging back at he beginning of this section, waiting for cars to get well clear before they start their run. Just so much fun.

Day done, arrived home at 5pm having put around 400km on our odometers.

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