Queensland Trip 2016 – Seventeen Seventy to the Sunshine Coast

After a great couple of nights in the almost-not-quite secret resort town of 1770, we head back to the Sunshine Coast facing our hottest day ever of riding with temperatures hitting 35 degrees.

After a final lap of 1770 and Agnes Water, we ride directly to Bundaberg for a later breakfast at Indulge, recommended by friends. The place was busy so it gave us a good rest between legs.

Onwards to Childers then inland towards Biggenden ‘the shortcut to everywhere’!. We rode inland past ancient mini volcanic craters in 35 degrees Celsius, stopping at the pub in Goomeri for a cold drink and a scooner of air conditioning. Thankfully our hyper wicking under layers and a wet tshirt enabled me to cope with this extreme heat, Rita giving out her natural heat didn’t really help but she is what she is.

It was a relief to arrive back on the Sunshine Coast and a cold shower, a couple more days off the bikes before heading back to Brisbane for new year.

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