Queensland Trip 2016 – Just when I thought it wouldn’t get any hotter…

Today we discovered 39 degrees Celsius! Fortunately, we also discovered some fantastic bends and divine views as we headed to Brisbane for New Year’s Eve.

We left the Sunshine Coast around 10, probably a little late for the forecast heat but an early morning swim at Noosa Beach could not be passed up.

Our route took us onto the Eumundi – Kenilwoth Road, a gorgeous backroad taking us from Eumundi to Kenilworth in about 30 minutes.

Stopping briefly (due to the increasing temperature) at the Kenilworth cheese factory to taste all the cheeses and buy a few, we continued to the highlight of this road, a series of tight bends on a great surface. Conveniently, there was a side road at the end of the curves, to turn around on and repeat the experience, turning at Kenilworth to retrace our steps and continue our journey south.

The quality of the road drops significantly after the glorious bends, in parts becoming a single lane with gravel shoulders to allow cars to pass each other. Fortunately, there’s enough room for motorbikes to pass cars on the road but attention does need to be paid to avoid flying stones and small rocks.  

We sped on to Maleny, where we rehydrated and I soaked my clothes with water to help deal with the heat – by now it had hit 34 degrees even in the mountains.

We continued out of Maleny, treated to some amazing views of the Glass House Mountains to the left, no chance to stop and take pictures as it was so hot but I have found a great link to a pic on the internet to give you an idea of why it’s worth taking this route:

We descended the mountains towards Woodford, through another series of beautiful bends and were greeted by Rita telling me that the air temperature was increasing. By the time we arrived in Woodford, she was telling me that it was 39 degrees Celsius. I going to call it, it was very uncomfortable, I much prefer being too hot than too cold but this was just getting silly.

We broke for lunch and some welcome air conditioning before continuing our journey, taking the road over Mount Mee for a welcome drop of about 4 degrees. Suddenly, 35 degrees seemed quite comfortable, funny how your body can trick you through relativity.

We arrived in Brisbane and a well-needed jump into a swimming pool.

I just about made it to mignight on New Years Eve, although, I confess the day had taken it out of me a little and I took a few power naps to help me through the evening.

Happy New Year!

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