Snowy Mountains & Victoria 2017 – Day 1 – Sydney to Thredbo

The last time we did this trip, we flew and caught the bus. But that was for a ski trip, this time, there is no snow but still beautiful landscapes.

We left Sydney via the Harbour Bridge (love it, even though it’s urban), the M1 and M5. Soon we were cruising our way towards Canberra; the mid summer temperatures were not kind and we had to add layers due to heavy cloud and motorway speed riding.

We soon reached the gorgeous Lake George, an enigma, in my mind, as it rarely contains any water. This time, though, it actually had some – far away in the distance, but it was there, glistening in the sun.

Past Lake George, we skirted Canberra via Queanbeyan, where we stopped for lunch in the glamourous Information Centre car park.

Onwards towards Cooma, we started to climb and the landscape become more barren, extensive grassland meadows strewn with huge rocks.

Just before Cooma, we rode past a huge grassfire next to the road. It can’t have been burning for too long as there were several baffled looking police and a rural fire crew looking at it but it was still huge and the smoke was high in the sky. It didn’t seem right to stop and take a happy snap.

A brief pic at the Snowy Mountains Airport, to remember our previous visit and then onwards towards Jindabyne.

At Jindabyne, we turn up towards the mountains, a winding road which took us to the resort of Thredbo, a purpose built village to accomodate the snow sports industry which has developed here in the past 50 years.

We love this place, we loved it covered in snow and we love it bathed in sunshine. We dumped our stuff and caught the Kosciuszko Express chairlift up the mountain, with 10 minutes to spare before it closed.

Kosciuszko Express Chairlift

A fabulous walk down the mountain just at about completed our day. Sitting in the sun at the pub really completed it. Highly recommended.

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