A Quick Trip West of Sydney

After weeks and weeks of Sydney summer rain, and other things organised on sunny days, it was fabulous to be greeted by a gorgeous sunny day and a chance to get back on Rita.

A morning visit to Fraser Motorcycles meant the Gary and I were in the vicinity of Sydney’s Olympic Park – the perfect chance to find an empty car park and practice some slow riding skills.

We contemplated heading home but then saw sense and decided to go west. Along the M4 and up into the Blue Mountains to Springwood. At Springwood we took the fabulous Hawkesbury Road toward Richmond.

This road winds gently through villages before reaching Hawkesbury Heights where a lookout provides a stunning view 50km to the coast with the high rises of Sydney poking up from the horizon.

The really exciting part of this trip is the bends that follow, winding down the mountain with tight hairpins and signs warning of rocks falls and instructions to ‘Do Not Stop’.

So good, I did it twice … Gary, three times!

Back through Richmond, Windsor and the M2 home, around about 200km which makes a nice little Saturday afternoon ride.

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