Why You Should Go To West Head, northern Sydney

West Head is a peninsular in northern Sydney that juts into the mouth of the Hawkesbury River, it has a lookout that is so high up you feel like you’re flying. Even better, the road to it is AMAZING. If you get the chance, you should go, even if you only have four wheels!

We had the pleasure of having a friend’s daughter, Alessia, hang out with us for the afternoon so what else are we going to do but take her out for a ride?

Kitted out with my retired jacket, riding jeans and summer gloves along with a pair of Gary’s boots and his old helmet, Alessia was all set.

I haven’t yet ventured into having someone on the back of my motorbike yet and today was not a day to try it, that will be a lesson sometime in the future involving Gary and a huge car park, probably.

So Alessia climbed aboard Gary’s bike and we set off. Alessia was the perfect pillion, having ridden on the back of her father’s motorbike since she was old enough, she moved with the motorbike so easily that Gary almost forgot she was there.

It’s a bit of a trek up to Terry Hills from where we live and really not worthy of writing about but it’s a trek that’s worth it. From Terry Hills, the road starts to get interesting, this is bushland on the edge of a national park and it feels like it. Popular with all people on two wheels, it has some lovely tight bends and a beautiful surface. Following the signs to West Head, the road takes you to a toll booth where for the bargain price of $12 per vehicle (yes, I know, not exactly cheap but it goes towards looking after the park etc etc), you can enter the park.

It does always amuse me when I am handed a little paper receipt to leave somewhere on my motorbike to prove I have paid a parking fee, someone really needs to think this through…

Back to the road. And, my is it a road! The surface is perfect, the stretches are long, the visibility is amazing, this is a serious race track if one were inclined.

And then, when you get to the end, you are greeted by this!

And this….

And this.

Okay, maybe not three grinning idiots taking a selfie while blocking out the great view but my phone camera can’t really do it justice. There are some much better pictures on the National Parks NSW website here.

Alessia described it beautifully as like a painting. A 210 degree (ish) degree view comprising the Hawkesbury River mouth, Pitt Water, Broken Bay and, over the behind Palm Beach (of Home and Away fame) and the Barrenjoey lighthouse, the Pacific Ocean.

West Head, go, just go.

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