Riding’s a Beach

Group ride today, still on the back but that didn’t matter, a trip to the coast provided the opportunity for a cooling swim and meeting more new people.

Our group of eight, six riders and two pillions met in Lane Cove, and headed north avoiding the horrid Pacific Highway through the suburbs, by taking the fabulous Comenarra Parkway. Onto the Old Pacific Highway at Berowa, the day was starting to heat up – we were promised temperatures in excess of 30 and we got them.

Gary bought a new cooling vest recently (I am still yet to find one small enough for me), a rather clever concept of a vest made of multiple layers between which water is poured and it magically becomes very cool to the touch. Anyway, he’s very happy with it and keeps telling me I should get one, I’m trying, dear…

Saturday morning on the Old Pacific Highway can be a lot of fun, it can be also a place to lose your licence or much much worse. Wise to this, everyone rode alert for Highway patrol and stupidity. We saw one rider stopped by said patrol, that would have spoilt his day.

We stopped at Road Warriors for a coffee and the opportunity to get in touch with our ‘feminine’ sides.

Winding our way up to Macmaster’s Beach, we were treated to some fabulous glimpses of Brisbane Water, a large inlet around which sits Gosford and many of the small surrounding towns.

Arriving at Macmasters Beach, we parked and found Barefoot Cafe, the cafe associated with the surf club there and right on the beach front. We all stripped off our motorbiking gear and changed into clothes much more suited to the occasion.

A quick dip in the ocean pool soon cooled us off, ready for some lunch.

Lunch over (the food was pretty good), we chilled out for a bit before making our way home, retracing our steps and stopping at the Estuary Restaurant for a coffee and a stretch.

And then it was over, back to the streets of Sydney, refreshed, as I always do, having escaped the buildings and busy roads of the city; and delighted to have spent the day with some lovely people.

2 thoughts on “Riding’s a Beach

  1. Toni (looking forward to your bike shopping) 26/01/2018 / 12:46 am

    A cooling/hydration vest enabled us to ride over 280km at 42 degrees.


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