First Big Trip On Ruby – Heading South for Easter – Part 1

Vague plans leading to last minute arrangements did not go quite as we expected but really, that’s usually half the adventure!

Our plan had been to head straight to Thredbo and repeat a road trip we had taken before but, as we are weather precious, we left our planning to the last minute and were thwarted by everyone else realising that Thredbo is lovely when the weather is lovely and is was a very long weekend, after all!

Back to the drawing board but not totally, we decided on Canberra as our first stop, via the small town of Oberon inland from the Blue Mountains. The traffic at the base of the mountains was heavy but we made short change of that, filtering between cars, we probably saved an hour over those poor people in their metal boxes.

We’ve also ridden this route several times before so I won’t go into too much detail except to say that it’s great, lovely quality road surface and sweeping bends, plenty of great vistas of the truly stunning Blur Mountains, along with a few twisties to keep up interest. The road between Oberon and Goulburn is one of my favourites.

Overnight in Canberra, plenty of accommodation available, always find a place with ease due to the oversupply of hotel rooms when the politicians are out of town.

Day two, we rode to Cooma, along the Monaro Highway then took a right shortly after onto the Snowy Mountains Highway, a road that took us through what the British would call moors. The relative flatness of the range, with the occasional undulation, provided fabulous views of the moors and the road winding into the distance.

Despite the appearance of flatness, however, the road did gradually climb and we eventually reached the winter snow line, where the road markings turn yellow, to help to winter traveller stay out of trouble.

And we spotted plenty of other motorcyclists enjoying the road too.

Black Perry Lookout provided a great place to have a stretch and enjoy the perfect view of the mountains

We were headed for Albury but it had been a tiring day and I am still getting used to Ruby, probably 450km is good for that. So we stayed in Holbrook, coincidentally, home of my favourite happy chicken eggs and, oddly, the half buried HMAS Otway submarine. Not what we expected to see 200km inland but then that’s what these motorbike adventures tend to bring.

ps thank you to Warren at Motorcycle Paradise for the tip on the Snowy Mountains Highway.


One thought on “First Big Trip On Ruby – Heading South for Easter – Part 1

  1. Toni (looking forward to your bike shopping) 31/03/2018 / 8:44 pm

    Great riding down south, heading back there next weekend for another loop around Mt Hotham and Omeo Highway.


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