Finally, I’m back blogging!

It’s been a while, what with the accident, getting my head around riding again and signing up for a university course but now I’m back, exploring ….

Seriously, I have been offline for too long and I don’t really know why. There was a fabulous trip back in April to Batemans Bay with a group of riders from the Sydney Easy Riders group but somehow I just didn’t get around to blogging. Lack of commitment, I know, sorry Dave, you know who you are.

And then I went back to Uni and then we went off and got married in Vanuatu. Yes! Gary and I went on a diving holiday and got married one day. It was fabulous.

Anyway, back now.

So, Uni assignment done, I spent the week studying the weather and watching the predicted rain out west disappear from the forecast. Good for us, sadly not for the drought afflicted farmers.

No accomodation in Orange so I randomly found a small town about an hour from Orange called Canowindra which had accommodation. Done, booked.

We took the best route along the motorway and the Bells Line of Road that I have written about before. The sky, azure blue and the golden brown limestone cliffs of the Blue Mountains never failing to impress.

Lithgow, Tarana and Orange – retracing favourite routes from previous trips.

Out of Orange southwest through plantation forests and some forest parkland. A road called “Four Mile Creek Road”, found on the website. It was awesome. Good surface, great curves and scenic.

And then we come across the second largest gold mine in Australia and all the associated pollution that comes with it. A vast lake of cloudy water unusable in an area devastated by drought. Ironic. Sorry, no pic.

We rode past, joined the main highway, through a tiny town and then… blue and red flashing lights appear in my mirror. Shit. We’ve been here before and now it’s double demerits as it’s a long weekend (for the non-Aussies, that means double penalty points on your licence). Shit, shit, shit, I swear I wasn’t speeding. This time. And sorry Mum for the swearing but it’s justified.

Hello officer, hello, random breath test, madam. Seriously? My heart is racing but I know that is the last thing I would be done for on a motorbike because alcohol and motorbiking is suicide and I’m definitely not ready to quit this world just yet.

All good, charming officer, corrected my pronunciation of Canowindra (Cun-noun-dra).

So we arrive in Canowindra (“Cun-noun-dra” not “cun-o-win-dra”) and check out the ‘look-out’ (all Australian country towns have one, it’s mandatory. They put a road up to the peak of the local tallest hill, that’s your lookout). Actually this one has a very impressive view, probably 50 miles in each direction.

Observing done, we descend and ride through town and spot… a wine festival! Hello, we have arrived!

We’re staying at a lovely old pub, now guest house, called the Old Vic Hotel in the amazing old Main Street of Canowindra/”Can-noun-dra”, crowded with buildings from a bygone era.

The wine ‘festival’ was small but friendly with Morris Dancers (random), and delicious local olive oils and wine. Much fun was had.

So, in summary, a bit of a random entry, more about discovery than motorbiking but that’s one of the reasons that I love to just jump on the bike, ride out somewhere and see what’s going on.

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