Tassie – Day 6 – East Coast – Hobart to St Helens

After a day off the bikes, we were ready for our east coast adventure, the glorious weather continued, as did the great roads and food.

Leaving dear friends behind, we set off around 9.30. Out of Hobart to Sorrell then east towards to coast.

The road to the coast was winding and glorious, as we have come to expect from Tasmania. To the north were soaring ridges and southwards farm fields. Plenty of sweeping curves and plenty of opportunities to overtake slower vehicles ie all of them.

The road arrives at the coast to the splendid view of Maria Island, the terror of many a convict in ye olden days, but now a National Park.

The road up the coast provides amazing views out to sea and then across to the Freycinet Peninsula, home of Wine Glass Bay.

Having spent time in this area we bee lined straight to Melshell Oysters, a small shack selling just oysters at Dolphin Sands where the oysters are grown.

Continuing further north, we again hugged the coastline through Bicheno before turning inland towards Elephant Mountain. This little detour, taking in Elephant Mountain Pass and St Mary’s Pass provides great views of the coast (although not many places to take photos), great curves and a fabulous road surface.

It is also very popular with motorcyclists, given this sign at the pancake place at the top of the mountain.

this sign also amused me…

Back down the mountain, we arrived at St Helens, our stop for the night.

More views and a lovely sunset…

Tomorrow, our last day in Tassie.

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