About Me

My name is Joanne, I am originally from the UK, now living in Sydney, Australia.

I am a corporate slave during the week and a Ducati Monster lover by the weekend. I started riding at 41, in December 2014, when I took my pre-learner test and bought a second hand Kawasaki Ninja 250.

My first, a 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250

I was the proud owner of Rita, a red Ducati Monster 821 until i crashed her so now I am on the hunt for another motorbike. When I get back on, I, and my much-more-experienced travel companion/ partner, Gary, will continue learning all about the world of short lady riding and exploring as much of the real world as we can. 

Here I am, posing with Rita

I’m don’t have lots of time to dedicate to this activity but I enjoy it when I can and believe that a balance of interests is healthy. On top of motorbike riding I enjoy scuba diving, cooking, travelling/exploring, skiing, keeping fit, tennis and trying new things. Pretty much the only thing I don’t like is raw celery because that’s just wrong. 

For reference, I am 161cm, 5’3” with an inside leg of 27 inches.