My Motorbike Security

The trouble with motorbikes are that they are relatively easy to steal. 2-4 strong men and a van can have that motorbike long gone within a couple of minutes, scary isn’t it?

I claim to be no expert in motorbike stealing or security but I hereby share what my solution is and how you can benefit from this.

Firstly, if you can find a place to lock it up at night then that’s a really good start. If you can afford $20 for a motorbike cover from eBay then we’re getting somewhere. If you can buy an alarmed disc lock from Bunnings for $33, why wouldn’t you? And if you can buy the biggest chains and padlocks that you can from a hardware store and lock your motorbike to something immovable or very heavy (think ‘floor’, ‘water tank’, ‘wall’, ‘car’, ‘another motorbike’, etc) then even better!

All this might set you back a two to three hundred dollars but that’s nothing compared to the excess on insurance and the sheer hassle that you will have to deal with replacing the motorbike. And I do love Rita, why wouldn’t I try to hold on to her?

But what to do when I’m travelling, I hear you cry! Well, see if you can manage to tick as many boxes as I have mentioned above when you’re out and about and you’ll reduce the chances of some scumbag taking your fun machine. If nothing else, that alarmed disc lock (did I mention that it was a measly $33 from Bunnings?) is going to put a few people off and make a nice loud noise of anyone comes near it.

Like wearing the gear, nothing is guaranteed but every smart decision helps.