Fabulous Links

As I find them, I’ll add links to other websites and articles that I like, for whatever reason….

Tips & Tricks

Because everyone loves a list: 10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Woman Who Rides a Motorcycle

Some great gear tips: 5 small items to help you enjoy your ride

Tips for short riders (something close to my heart): Top 10 Tips For Short Motorcyclists

You Tube video: Motorcycle Tips for Short Riders

Best Biking Road: bestbikingroads.com – self explanatory really

Gear Chic – Too Short To Ride? Never Say Never

Great Motorcycle Blogs

Motorcycle Paradise

Motorbike Writer

Bikehedonia – Chasing hedonia: Sydney to Paris, overland, solo, on a KTM by a young lady I have come to know recently.

RideDay – sharing videos and pictures of their motorbike adventures, based in Australia, by an awesome couple I have also come to know recently.

The Blog of Travel – Traveller who often buys or rents motorbikes to help with her travelling

Experimental Ghost

Pillioness – Women Love Motorcycles Too

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