Perry & The Puncture

We’re merrily riding along and Gary says to me, over the intercom, ‘I think I have a puncture’. ‘Oh’ I say, ‘I guess we’d better stop then’. But what to do? We had packed a puncture repair kit but have not had to repair a puncture before. Fortunately, we were with friends so Perry to the rescue, with credit to Gordon for finding the hole!

I’m a Rylstone Cowboy, sort of…

A weekend away with a group of riders, staying at the pioneering town of Rylstone.

Hopefully we’re not the only people for whom when they hear the name Rylstone, the Glen Campbell hit “Rhinestone Cowboy” instantly springs to mind. If not, the title of this post will make no sense. “Ridin out on a horse, in a star spangled rodeo”.

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