Christmas in Queensland

Tomorrow, we head off on a road trip to spend Christmas with friends in Queensland. Bags are packed, the route is planned and motels booked. 

Our first day is expected to cover around 450km. We’ll suffer the motorway up to Raymond Terrace, on the basis that we would rather use the time on fun roads further away, than fun roads that we can do in a weekend or day trip. After Raymond Terrace, we’ll head to Dungog, then Gloucester, the Bucketts Way to Taree, then a little more motorway until we turn off at Wauchope to climb the range on the glorious road known at the Oxley Highway aka motorbiking heaven.

We’re staying about half way along the road, on which we’ll continue on the following day before winding our way to Casino on night 2 and on (in a zig zagging  way) to Doonon on the Sunshine Coast.

Christmas with good friends will lead to a small side trip to Agnes Waters and the wonderfully named Town of 1770. Back to Doonoon, and then a few nights in Brisbane and the Gold Coast before heading home, the winding way, and back to reality late in the second week of January.

The bags are packed and we are ready. Tomorrow, we leave early, although not too early, we’re on holiday, after all 😄.

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